About Us

Our Company

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Hurley & Stewart is a Southwest Michigan-based civil engineering firm that strives to exceed expectations by providing reliable, personalized service of great quality. We do this through a knowledgeable staff, with great efficiency, and with a creative approach to every project. Relationships are at the heart of every engagement at Hurley & Stewart.

Our History

Hurley & Stewart was founded in 2002 by Todd Hurley and Tim Stewart when they saw a need for a more responsive, client-focused service model to civil engineering. Both Tim and Todd cut their teeth with larger firms and gained valuable experience and knowledge in how to efficiently design and manage complex municipal and private projects.

Armed with a strong ability to understand an owner’s priorities and navigate project hurdles, they’ve steadily grown their business one client relationship at a time. Their inclusive approach and success has now translated into expanded opportunities in more business and geographical markets for the entire carefully-chosen, like-minded H&S team.

Our Approach

Making sure that information is communicated clearly and understood is critical to the firm. Hurley & Stewart engagements are not jargon-filled techno-babble sessions. Instead, information is presented simply and relationally. Nothing is left misunderstood. In the work we do in partnership with our customers, the people of Hurley & Stewart strive to meet the following standards:

  • We want to be a resource for our clients and ensure their satisfaction.
  • We must clearly understand and be responsive to our clients needs and deadlines
  • We strive to be as efficient as possible by utilizing the best technology available for the work we do
  • We strive to anticipate what’s next, be it a client need or new processes, so that we may provide the best service possible
  • We must be responsive to our clients needs
  • We strive to provide optimal costs and exceptional value

Our Team

Exceeding expectations by providing reliable, personalized service of great quality.

The people of Hurley & Stewart believe that excellence comes from great relationships, clear communications and reliable performance. We will achieve excellence by utilizing the best people, practices and technologies available to complete your project on time and within budget. From planning through construction we carefully listen to you, keeping your goals and values in mind, to produce a project which you can be proud of.