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Company Principles


With a commitment to excellent quality, client service and utilization of the best technology, H&S will complete your project on time and within budget. From the planning phase through construction, H&S listens to clients and keeps their goals and values in mind to produce an end product of which the client can be proud.

Company Principles

H&S is a quality-based consulting engineering firm that has the following principles:

  • A resource for its clients
  • Understanding and responsive to client needs and deadlines
  • Client satisfaction driven
  • Highly efficient and fully utilizes available technology
  • Profitable
  • Forward thinking
  • Responsive
  • Cost competitive
  • Aware of employee contributions and rewarding of hard work
  • Cognizant of opportunities for employee success
  • Treat employees with respect to their personal life
  • Only accept work if we can perform to the client's expectations
  • Employed by a diverse clientele including:
    Local and state agencies and administrations
    Architects and landscape architects
    Construction managers
     Quality private developers

H&S constantly strives to raise the bar in the civil engineering industry in Southwest Michigan. It is known for excellent quality, personalized service, knowledgeable staff, efficiency, and a creative approach to projects.