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  Roadways & Nonmotorized Paths
  Municipal Utilities
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Roadways & Nonmotorized Paths

  • Hurley & Stewart (H&S) is familiar with all types of transportation projects including local and state roads, streetscapes, freeways, intersections, and nonmotorized pathways.
  • Designs incorporate the client's needs utilizing state-of-the-art technology while providing the public with a safe and practical facility.
  • Our clients include Cities, Townships, Road Commissions, MDOT and private developers.
  • H&S knows funding sources for local communities and the requirements needed for design and construction.
  • We have vast knowledge in storm water management, water main, sanitary sewer, and private utility design and coordination to make sure the utilities work together within the road R-O-W.
  • H&S is proficient with MDOT standards for design and construction engineering.
  • H&S utilizes the latest design and analysis software to complete the initial design and adeptly handle revisions.
  • Prequalified with MDOT for roads, freeways and utilities.
For more information, contact Todd Hurley, P.E.
@ 269-552-4960 or thurley@hurleystewart.com